All Time Favourite Books About Hiking

What is it like to go on a long distance hike? What can you expect? These books will inspire you to get out there! All based on true stories, these books capture the true adventure of a long distance hike.

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Wild by Nature -
Sarah Marcquis

The Camino -
Shirley MacLaine

Wild -
Cheryl Strayed

Hiker Trash -
Erin Miller

Becoming Odyssa -
Jennifer Pharr Davis

Lost on the AT -
Kyle Rohrig

The longest Mile -
Ryan Watkins

Tracks -
Robyn Davidson

The Old Ways -
Robert Macfarlane

Into the Wild -
Jon Krakauer

A Walk in the Woods -
Bill Bryson

The Barefoot Sisters Southbound -
Lucy and Susan Letcher

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