Cape to Cape Track
Western Australia

“The sleeper must awaken.” – Frank Herbert

Trail | Cape to Cape Track
Country | Australia, WA
Distance | 123 km (76 miles)
Route | Dunsborough to Augusta
Duration | 5-8 Days
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Cape to Cape track map

How Long Does It Take To Hike The Cape to Cape Track?

The Cape to Cape Track is a 123km (76 mile) walk in the South West of Western Australia. The track takes you from the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse in Dunsborough to the Cape Leeuwin lighthouse in Augusta. Hence the name “Cape to Cape Track”.

This multi-day hike offers fantastic views of the coast and takes you along white sandy beaches, through the Boranup forest and past some of the best surf spots the state has to offer. You can choose to stay in one of the local towns or make use of the free campsites along the track.

The terrain varies widely and can be very challenging at times. There are a lot of sandy sections and rocky sections that can be tough on the feet. Most people complete the track in 6-8 days.

When To Hike The Cape to Cape Track?

Cape to cape track

The best time to walk the Cape to Cape Track is between September-November and March-May

In spring, you can enjoy the many wildflowers and colours of the South West.

Most people walk the track southbound, from Dunsborough to Augusta. 

When walking southbound, you have the sun behind you, and the toughest sections last. Especially the last day towards Augusta can be very challenging. From Augusta, many walkers take the bus back to Dunsborough or Perth.

Although the Cape to Cape Track gained a lot of popularity recently, it is highly unlikely that you will encounter much traffic on the track. This is also the case because most people walk the same direction. 

If you want to play it safe in terms of campsite availabilities, you could always check the websites of the guided walk organisations when they are planning their group hikes.

Cape To Cape Track Distances

Cape to cape track - Smiths beach

Below are the different sections of the Cape to Cape Track. It is possible to walk sections of the track and access from the small towns and car parks along the way.

Day 1: Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse (3 hours) to Mt. Duckworth Campsite | 10.5 km
Day 2: Mt. Duckworth – Moses Rock | 23 km
Day 3: Moses Rock – Ellensbrook | 18.5 km | (lunch at Gracetown)
Day 4: Ellensbrook – Conto’s | 27.5 km
Day 5: Conto’s – Deepdene | 29.6 km
Day 6: Deepdene – Cape Leeuwin | 15 km


How to get there?

Cape to cape track
There is no direct public transport to the Cape to Cape Track so you need to do a bit of legwork to figure out what the best method of transport is for you.
Option 1: Bus and taxi
Trans WA has a daily service from and to Perth:

♦ Augusta – Perth

A taxi or shuttle can be arranged to or from the trailheads.

Option 2: Car

Park your car at the lighthouse or in any of the access towns at your own risk. Normally it won’t be a problem to leave your car, but it is always best to ask or let someone know when you will pick up your car again.

Option 3: Guided walk
You could opt to be part of one of the guided walking groups. Some of them arrange transport from Perth. Others will offer car parking.


Check out this website for your best itinerary to Dunsborough.

Cape to Cape Track Accommodation

Cape to cape track campsite

Cape to Cape Track Campsites

There are 4 official Cape to Cape track campsites for walkers. They all have basic toilet facilities, picnic tables, a few tent sites and a small water tank. These are free to use. No fires allowed.

The section through the Boranup forest also has 2 campsites for a small fee because they are managed by the national park.

♦ Mt. Duckworth
♦ Moses Rock
♦ Ellensbrook
♦ Conto’s – fee payable
♦ Point Road – fee payable
♦ Deepdene

Then there are the private campgrounds, which will be covered in the next section under private accommodation.

Private Accommodation

Multi Day Hike Gear List

Cape to cape track hiking gear list

My Cape to Cape Track gear list:

Additional Information

Luggage Transfer:
The Cape to Cape track is unique in that it offers transport from the track to and from accommodation. This gives you the option to carry only a day pack.

GPX File

Maps and Guides:

Cape to Cape track guidebook 
♦ Pocket Guidebook
♦ Cape to Cape map pack

Guided Walks:

cape to cape track trailhead augusta
Cape to cape track - Yallingup

My Itinerary

The Original Plan:
Day 1: Drive from Perth to Cape Naturaliste (3 hours) + walk to Mt. Duckworth Campsite | 10.5 km
Day 2: Mt. Duckworth – Moses Rock | 23 km
Day 3: Moses Rock – Ellensbrook | 18.5 km | (lunch at Gracetown)
Day 4: Ellensbrook – Conto’s | 27.5 km
Day 5: Conto’s – Deepdene | 29.6 km
Day 6: Deepdene – Cape Leeuwin | 15 km

Cape to cape track - lighthouse

Day 1: Drive from Perth + walk to Mt. Duckworth Campsite|10.5 km

♦ Parked my car at the Cape Naturaliste lighthouse.
♦ Easy section although I started way too late at 4PM.
♦ Arrived at Mt Duckworth campground just before dark.
♦ Empty campsite – a bit scary but ok.

Day 2: Mt. Duckworth – Moses Rock | 23km

♦ I forgot my phone charger, so I had to arrange a lift back to Dunsborough first.
♦ Drove back down to Yallingup and parked my car there instead.
♦ Nice brunch at the Yallingup cafe…they have great healthy food and delicious juices.
♦ Left Yallingup at 1PM to walk to Moses Rock.
♦ Harder than expected with a few soft beach sections…
♦ Arrived at Moses Rock campground around 8PM.

Mt ducksworth campsite Yallingup
Cape to cape track beach

Day 3: Moses Rock – Ellensbrook | 18.5 km | (lunch at Gracetown)

♦ Shorter day and more manageable section.
♦ I really took the time to enjoy the day and the scenery.
♦ Visited Gracie’s General at Gracetown and had an amazing meatball sub :)…I had a serious case of hiker hunger.
♦ Beautiful beaches along the way with great surf spots.
♦ Probably the busiest town along the way.
♦ Great company at Ellensbrook campground and plenty of space.

Day 4: Ellensbrook – campspot between Conto’s and Redgate Beach |23.5 km

♦ I slept for about 12 hours OMG. Woke up at 9am…
♦ Felt ambitious and wanted to make it to Conto’s for the night – 27.5km walk.
♦ Tough beach section about 7km before Conto’s.
♦ Decided to camp at the nearest appropriate spot after Redgate Beach due to a fast approaching storm. That was a wise decision.
♦ Very windy night…

cape to cape track Ellenbrook
Cape to cape track

Day 5: Wild campspot – campspot around Cosy Corner | 25.1 km

♦ Early start and breakfast at Conto’s campground.
♦ Took the time to enjoy the wildflowers in the Boranup forest.
♦ Totally different section than the rest of the Cape to Cape Track.
♦ Long 6.5km beach stretch to Hamelin Bay. Luckily it was low tide and hard sand.
♦ Met some idiot 4WD campers on the way to Hamelin Bay. Luckily I passed them quickly.
♦ Lost navigation twice after Hamelin Bay and decided to camp for the night. Wise decision again because the next day had some sketchy sections that I wouldn’t want to do in the dark.

Day 6: Cosy corner wild camp – Cape Leeuwin | 19.5 km

♦ Long, tough day with lots of soft sandy beaches.
♦ Started walking by 7.30am.
♦ Rocky section towards Deepdene campground. Do not go at night…
♦ Could see the lighthouse from 17km away.
♦ The beach section towards the lighthouse seemed to last forever.
♦ Plan to catch the 3pm bus took away much of the enjoyment. I was more focused on getting there in time, instead of enjoying the scenery.
♦ Arrived at the lighthouse at 1.30pm and was lucky to get a lift into Augusta.
♦ Delicious sausage rolls at the cafe near IGA 🙂

rocky beach on the cape to cape track

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