best lightweight cameras for hiking



1. Canon EOS M50
2. Sony RX 100 VII
3. Canon G7X Mark III – MY FAVOURITE
4. Sony A6400

Keep scrolling to find out about the quick features of each camera. I have added the links to the pages for more detailed information. The below recommendations are based on my own research and are cameras that I would personally take with me while hiking. If you are a more advanced photographer, you might want to do some more in depth research.

The cameras mentioned are some of the top favourite cameras in the thru-hiking community. And with good reason! All are lightweight and offer some impressive features.

Action cameras are not included in these recommendations and will be discussed in the future. With so many new and awesome cameras available, it is important to always keep up to date with the latest. Below cameras will bring you a long way without feeling left out from the latest features.


Mirrorless camera
♦ Side flip screen
♦ Touchscreen
♦ Built-in stabilisation
♦ Clean image processor
♦ 4K

Weight: 13.65 oz / 387 g
Price: check here


2. sony rx 100 vii

♦ Built-in stabilisation and auto-focus
♦ Flip screen
♦ Touchscreen
♦ Slow motion options

Con: Battery life

Weight: 10.7 oz / 302 g
Price: Amazon


3.Canon G7X Mark III


♦ Clean image processor
♦ Flip screen
♦ Touch screen
♦ Easy to use
♦ Auto-focus
♦ 4K
♦ Smartphone connectivity

 10.7 oz / 304 g
Price: Amazon


4. Sony A6400


♦ Built-in colour profiles
♦ AI based auto-focus
♦ Built-in gimbal stabilisation
♦ 4K
♦ Up to 120fps in FHD

Con: battery life

Weight:  14.22 oz / 403 g
Price: Amazon


Disclaimer: Links included on this page might be affiliate links. When you make a qualified purchase through these links, I might earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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